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I have been contacting Rivalhost, Todd Reagor and any one else I can get a hold of to get Chimpmania.com REMOVED from their servers.

The site is a racist site that targets African Americans. They are hosting pictures of my daughter and using this to humiliate her for being an amputee and a African American.

Mr. Reagor (Rivalhost) has refused to remove the site and claims to not host it. He is using Cloudflare and other hosting providers to hide the fact that he is hosting the site and providing ddos protection to make sure they stay on line.

REMOVE the website! If you have children you would know what it feels like to have someone attack your child that way. Have a conscious Todd Reagor. I am so upset with Rivalhost! I have NEVER heard of a company acting with such disregard to basic human decency. I would think twice before associating yourself with a host that allows this type of behaviour. They obviously endorse it. Any other company would have chosen to have it removed.

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African American? Which country in Africa was she born in?


Get tough get on the site and talk about the white puke sasquach!!

to Anonymous #1037776

LMAO! Everyone is tough on the internet.

You are no better than the people she is complaining about, you racist. To the OP: you should seek legal relief.


I can not fathom why "seriously" would post anything. You are a bigger *** loser then the people who run this sight!

Maybe one day something insane happens in your life and hopefully and surly people of this harsh nature will then make fun of your offspring. I hope to God your children learn nothing from you.

Weatherford, Texas, United States #963111

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you put yourself out in the public eye you're opening yourself to not so pleasant opinions. It's unfortunate but that's just how the world works.


He is also making fun of friend of mine as well. All kinds of racist words and harassing the child.

He needs to be stopped! Chimpmania has to be one of the most hateful hurtful thing I have ever seen!

Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States #885696

If they have any advertising on their website call them and tell them the problem.

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